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O! Let my books be then the eloquence...

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October 18th, 2007

08:38 am
This is getting utterly ridiculous. Whoever the deluded yet persistent mysticdreamer32 is, she seems to find it just too tempting to continue commenting on this LJ anonymously after I banned her. She also persists in claiming that my failure to refute any of her frankly pathetic accusations is proof of my guilt. If I am forced to stoop to her level, here goes...

The fact that my given name is Elle, which is none of her business anyway, and that the woman whom mysticdreamer32 claims I am possesses an email address called elel_rocks is purely coincidental. As is the similarity of that to my personal email address, the posting of which by her in this journal was malicious and unwarranted. I am sure that mysticdreamer32 will just assume that I am lying again but she seems so incredibly fixated on the idea that I am not who I say I am that she is probably a lost cause.

She also sent links to stories which are accredited to C.Roxane as though they prove that we are the same person. Let me just clarify: I have NEVER seen those stories before. If she wrote them then good for her but they are NOTHING to do with me. The "evidence" this woman has compiled is simply laughable and I understand she has caused problems for people in fandom before now.

The fact that C.Roxane left fandom around the time that I showed up is also pure coincidence. Anyone who has ever read my work or this journal will know that I have never known the name or mentioned it on any of my entires or sites. The names Stylophile and Poison Pen are the only names affiliated with me.

And the idea that just because an artist on DeviantArt calls herself Elli means that we are all the same person is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. People. Frequently. Have. Similar. Names. I can't believe I'm having to do this.

Apparently C.Roxane is a cyber stalker, which is something I am certainly not. I have a life. Patently, unlike some.

This whole misunderstanding came about through a link to a page sent to me (ominously) by mysticdreamer32 where I found Tempus Fugit under a different name. The webmistress of this page, glomptackle, has since kindly apologized to me and C.Roxane for what was an honest mistake which was then made worse by "Christy".

Stylophile is the original author of Tempus Fugit. C.Roxane doesn't even write in the Harry Potter fandom! This was entirely my error and I do apologize for the confusion it has caused!

I don't have to put up with malicious harassment from someone who has nothing better to do. I would like to thank everyone who came to my defence so quickly and so kindly, and glomptackle for explaining the situation.

I have to go, as I have a lecture in Ancient Greek. I won't hope that this will all be resolved, some people have more time than intelligence.
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12:10 am

Ok, this is a very quick message but it is in response to a rather indignant one left by somebody who repeatedly refered to me as "Roxy" and claimed that I was lying in my past journal entries and I have been ritually changing my name to hide my identity. The truth is that "Tempus Fugit" seems to have been plagiarized under the name of C.Roxane, which anyone who has ever read this journal will attest is a person I have never affiliated myself with. I now publicly (having already privately) implore "mysticdreamer32" to stop writing on this livejournal and accusing me of the matters I have refuted above as I cannot control who plagiarizes my stories but can merely attest to the fact that I am Elle aka Stylophile and wrote Tempus Fugit in 2002/3. Anyone who has read and (hopefully) enjoyed the story and this journal knows that the story is my own work and has been published under the names of "Stylophile" and "Poison Pen", both of whom refer exclusively to me. C.Roxane seems to be someone of no imagination who feels he/she must steal stories in order to be included in fandom.

Mysticdreamer32, I politely request you to keep your insulting accusation and miscomprehensions (as indeed they are) to yourself.

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June 8th, 2007

05:44 pm
I don't know if anyone out there is still interested in this long-suspended journal or indeed my fic as I have been absent for a long time! If, however, anyone spies this on the offchance, it might interest them to know that I'm still here and writing and that my absence has been due to the craziest year of my life.

Since June of last year I have been to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, L.A (by accident, a result of missing my flight home and being stuck in the airport for a week), Venice, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. In a few weeks I'm off to see Madagascar, Zanzibar and the spice islands and after that Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. In Namibia I caught malaria and was attacked and bitten by a male lion (I bear a lovely scar), a cheetah and even chased by a manic depressive zebra. A monkey bit me on the neck and then swallowed all my malaria tablets. Unfortunately the bastard didn't die. A rabid jackal ran off with my flipflops and I spent twelve days camping in the blistering Namib desert blithely hoping I'd stumble across some diamonds. In South Africa I got engaged to a South African, thereby startnig the mother of all long-distance relationships. In Australia I got another tattoo to commemorate the madness, in New Zealand I partied with the All-Blacks and Aussie Wallabies and leapt from a plane at 15000 feet over a dormant volcano. In Fiji I ran out of money and got stuck on an island (Celebrity Love Island for those who've seen the programme) and in Marrakech I had horrendous salmonella which, coupled with the malaria, put me in a hospital for tropical diseases. In Cape Town I spent a small fortune on diamonds and braved the ghetto for a bottle of brandy. My fiance's parting words as he wandered off into Joker gang territory were 'If I'm not back in half an hour, drive away and call an ambulance'. A week after I got back I rolled my car spectacularly and ciompletely destroyed it. Luckily I seem to be ok as yet! I've made some amazing friends, had some seriously shit times and used up at least eight of my nine lives but it's been utterly incredible.

Unfortunately my time in fandom has suffered and I'm way behind but in the shadow of the Namibian dunes I wrote a pirateslash story with jack, Will, rum, sodomy and the lash in abundance. I'll try and get it up here for all who're interested and I hope you'll all forgive me for staying away from fandom (and indeed real) life for so long!


x x x x x
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June 16th, 2006

05:44 pm
Yo! In the words of the immortal P!nk, I'm not dead!

Right, so I have shamelessly neglected the fandom over the past few weeks *coughs*months*coughs* and been horribly absent and lacking in anything resembling fic. As much as I abjectly apologize on bended knee for such travesties, RL has been an absolute bitch recently.

My mother recently suffered from an aneurysm which is basically a brain haemorrhage. It took us all very by surprise as there was no warning whatsoever and the next thing we knew she was undergoing neurosurgery whilst we were being told that her overall chance of dying was 90%. When faced with odds like that it's kinda hard to keep it together and we all had the feeling that something dreadful was inevitable. On top of those rather sickmaking odds they told us that if she did survive she would very probably be disabled in some way, which is the fate that befell her mother and which is something that my mother has been terrified of ever since my grandmother had a stroke.

Somehow, miraculously, she has defied doctors, the laws of science, and probably God himself by making a full recovery. Seriously, she's a medical miracle.

Hence the reason why fandom has taken one heck of a backseat lately. That and my computer has been broken pretty much since the last time I updated. HOWEVER! I'm back for good, hopefully, and will be updating far more frequently.

So how is everyone? I've been out of the loop for so long that I
m sure I've missed out on loads of stuff. Anyone fancy reccing me anything new?

This ball I mentioned went really well, although my boyfriend got drunk and tried to kill someone that knocked into him. Not sure why. Someone dropped a cigar on £1300 worth of my dress but there's something about Mathhew Williamson that seems to repel all damage! Not sure when I'm going to wear that again, am feeling like it might have been a bit extravagant.

My computer's about to break again! Lo, it bleeps! THE BASTARD!

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March 26th, 2006

12:08 pm
Ladies and gentlemen! Apologies for my horrifically long absence from the glorious fandom, I attribute it to two things: my spaniel chewing through my computer lead and real life beating me around the head with a stick of stress.

Real life has been so crazy lately it's little wonder I haven't been online. There's a fairly old history of insanity in my family (could you tell?) which has recently manifested itself in one of my more distant aunts. She, being kept alive out of spite and the will to destroy, has decided that she is going to sue us for eveything we've got. It's pretty fucking stupid considering she's a millionaire six or seven times over and we haven't seen her in, like, a decade. Still, what can you do?

You'd think this would be the worst thing that's going on, but not with my family. The London football mafia, known, I believe, as 'The Firm', have decided they want to break my cousin's legs. They have actually threatened him with this and similar violent acts because they believe that he owes them money. My cousin manages the ageing punk band Sham 69 and the mafia want a cut of whatever profits they make with their new album this year. I wash my hands of the entire affair.

I have, however, bought THE DRESS OF MY DREAMS...

Keira Knightley wore it to the premiere of Pride and Prejudice and usually there's a six-month waiting list for it but I managed to track down the only one in my size in the country! Such is my dedication to clothes. I will not be able to eat for several months but that just means it'll look even better!

Enough gushing, I know you guys only want fic news! I haven't finished the story I'm working on yet, nor have I heard back from one of my betas about THA. That is likely to be a long time coming as I really rushed the end and have loads and loads of work to do on it. the one I'm working on at the moment is going quite well and I will be posting it fairly soon once I've ironed out some of the mistakes. I will also endeavour to update far more regularly.

Will be back!
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Current Music: Learning to fly - Tom Petty

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January 13th, 2006

09:30 am
So, you know how when you mix your drinks you throw up and, like, die or whatever? Well I think the same phenomenon occurs with mixing drugs. It's very peculiar. I'm speaking from rather limited personal experience as on New Year I made such a twat out of myself by trying a little mixing and then passing out spectacularly. The lights went off at midnight and the change in lighting was all too much for me. But I do have some rather interesting news...


It was in this random house just outside of guildford being hosted by someone I'd never heard of and someone told me that Draco Malfoy had turned up and lo and behold it was Tom Felton. 'Twas very joyful. I also got felt up at like four o clock oin the afternoon by the lead singer of Sham69, Jimmy Pursey, who just happened to be hanging round my cousin's house. What did everyone else get up to??

In terms of fic I'm working on a new story which I was going to submit to Big Bang 2 but I don't think I'll finish it in time. If that's the case then I can start posting to LJ fairly soon to see what you guys think about it. It's called 'Singularity' and it's a bit different to anything I've written so far so I'm quite excited about it.

I'm also really excited about this business I've started with my friend. We're going to start importing couture corporatewear from China, where we're visiting in August, and selling it over here. We've applied for a grant from the Prince's Trust and are arranging a photo shoot in Paris to make a catalogue, with our fine selves as the models! It should be really cool as we're going to publicize quite heavily, hopefully in a Vogue feature, as my aunt knows the editor, and such. So I hope all you ovely fandomers will buy from me! The clothes are going to be really lovely, they're mainly suits but are really beautifully done. When we get our website up and running I'll let you all know.

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December 26th, 2005

09:21 am - Boxing day, a day for boxing.
Well tally ho young fandomers and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Good haul this year? I got a Burberry Prorsum sweater and a Pete Doherty poster and a Lulu Guinness bag and loads of makeup and all good things. I also got Teh Best Present In The WORLD from the utterly delightful abundantfear who sent me, all the way from down under, a Harry Potter TOWEL and a Harry Potter TWIRLY THING THAT FLIES AROUND THE CEILING ON A BROOM! She also got me a stickers and a key ring because she is the most fabulous thing EVAH!

In other news there was a bomb scare in our little corner of the world and my town was put on high alert. I live in a very sleepy, out of the way town so it was pretty fucking scary considering we were advised against going out that day. Still, nothing came of it so all is well.

I didn't get into Oxford because I am clearly just too intellectually intimidating and they couldn't cope. I'm going to reapply there next year though because I am determined to go and I really picked the wrong college at the wrong time. My interviews were a bloody nightmare, they asked me all kinds of ethical questions and philosophy questions and some people actually exited their interviews in tears. Was very exhausted when I came back but lo, I do survive! I've planned my year's travelling in more detail and I'm going too...

Guyana for three months to build huts and sleep in hammocks and such.
Then Cuba because I like cigars and Peru so I can see Machu Pichu.
Then I'll come home for ten minutes or so.
Then off again to Rome to pretend I'm a gladiator, then Serbia to find any family which weren't driven out by the war.
Then Dubai to buy stuff then Australia and New Zealand and Hawaii to generally just gad about.
Then I'm going to be all oldschool and drive from LA to Chicago on route 66.

So if I'm passing near to anyone, would they care for a visit from my good self? Who would I be passing near to?

New Year, what are everyone's plans? I'm hitting Londontahn again and hopefully (dear god, please!) going to a SEKKRIT BABYSHAMBLES GIG! That's right! List only, no tickets, cocaine hopefully lined up and waiting for us. If that doesn't come off then I
ll be hitting the club G-A-Y so any Londoners out there, I'll hopefully see you!

Again I am hopelessly behind on fandom posts and answering comments! (Which I'll totally get round to doing). I'm still writing, as ever, but THA won't be up until its been thoroughly beta'd.

How are we all on this fine Boxing Day morn? Gimme some love, people.
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December 4th, 2005

04:47 pm
Hey, ahem, sorry for the absence.

Have had NO time lately for anything that wasn't latin as have possibly the most important interview of my life coming up in the next few days. Since leaving school after A levels I have spent a couple of years travelling about the place and going to various institutions to keep up with my studies, aka summer school. Now, though, I'm looking to go to university in 2007 (to make room for more travelling!) but have applied this year and have my interview from Monday to Thursday next week. Thing is, I've applied to Oxford, which is the very best university in England and in the top three in the world. And I am absofuckinglutely terrified. Seriously, I could just die. Past interview questions for my course have been: 'if Ancient History had a shape what would it be?' and 'if God is omnipotent, could he make a stone he couldn't lift?'. Have been crash reading Virgil and Homer and Ovid and am now quoting them in my sleep. Still, Oscar Wilde did my course, Literae Humaniores, so I must be in good company.

Anyway...OMG HP IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reviews and squeeing behind the cut.

Clickety clickCollapse )

Am on my third pair of glasses in a year since Babyshambles destroyed my last pair. These ones are really cute but kinda…bold. Hmm. Might post a picture of them.

Have been acting in a play yesterday. I had a pivotal role as a race commentator and had to write all my words on the back of my microphone, which the judge picked up on an announced to 600-odd people. Still, ‘twas great! I looked hot in my Harris tweed and shooting hat, no-one could deny it.

Am still writing but have yet to hear from one of my betas about THA so that is likely to be a little while. In the meantime, however, I’m feeling a distinct lack of any slash recently so are there any undiscovered treasures that I might not have read? Recommend me H/D stories to lift my spirits! Am very woeful!
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November 6th, 2005

01:21 pm
I have had the shittest weekend. Gah, I'm so not feeling it right now.

Saturday was characterized by massive fuck-off arguments leaving me wondering whether I was actually going to get a slap which was followed by a crap night out. Sunday I was meant to be going out for brunch but didn't realize until I got there and rang others that it had been cancelled because they'd slept in. Was. So. Fucking. Annoyed. Absolute cocks. I had to buy a jacket, a dress, some trousers, a bag and a hairband to make up for it. I say again, GAH.

In other news THA has come back from one beta and is now grammatically perfect! My other lovely beta is currently picking through the plot holes for me so it shouldn't be too long before it gets posted.

Also...I HAVE DANIEL RADCLIFFE'S HOME NUMBER!!!! I SHIT YE NOT!!!! My little sister's friend knows Emma Watson (who is apparently a terrible kisser. Squee) and got Dan's number off her. I rang him (like the stalker I am) and got his mum and got scared. A friend and I rang again when we weren't quite with it and left a message on his answerphone pretending to be Emma! I am SUCH a loser. He's hot though.

A friend of mine, the daughter of the owner of Bloomsbury, is going to the premiere of the new film and I am so jealous. So not fair.

Am heading down to the metropolis of London next week for a few days. I went last week for the shopping and ended up getting completely coked up with my cousin and coming round in a strip club in Soho. We then sat on the side of the road and wrote poetry on the pavement. This time I'm having lunch with a countess! So that should be fun. I think the time has come to buy another handbag...

I'm sorry this hasn't been a very fandommy post but rest assured I am still writing in my practically non-existent free time. I should be reading Euripides's Medea right now but I am too unimpressed by this morning.

Stories on their way. Promise.
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October 15th, 2005

03:07 pm - The Human Abstract
Nearly two years and 200,000 words after its conception, THA is finally finished! JOY!

I actually can't believe it. Phew!

Anyway, this is just a head's up as I know I'm not around here as much as I should be. I AM BEING PRODUCTIVE. IN A H/D SENSE. PROMISE!

P.S How hot is Keira Knightley as a bounty-hunter? Jesus.

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